Dreaming of being able to be financially independent?

Do you get lost once facing decisions that can affect your financial goals?


Your dreams are powerful but without the tools to make better money decision right away its hard to see those dreams become reality
We care about others!

After many years of helping companies optimize their business performance, we recognized the need for a solution that helps families achieve their financial goals and needs. In partnership with members of my professional network, we built a financial navigation tool that helps to put together the family financial storytelling concept that consider the needs of individuals and families, regardless of their stage in life or financial status.


We are a financial professional team who helps individuals and families, leading first with with education on how to become financially secured, have a proper protection, achieve a peace of mind and become financially independent.
In an effort to increase the financial literacy and stability of families around the country, we are initially offering our solution to families in Washington, California, Nevada, and Ohio.


Introducing a new persenolize financial platform powered by a financial artificial Intelligence (FAI) that improves both the customers and financial professional experiences in many aspects.

We are committed to develop a comprehensive new “Financial Human Experience”. A smart cognitive intelligence to serve every family and customer to improve their Knowledge, decisions & lifestyle with the assistance of a self-learning algorithm.

It turns out that computers don’t forget, can handle multiple threads simultaneously, can be exposed to many similar cases, and can improve their self learning faster to improve recommendations and experience.

There are various leaders who believe that we are experiencing the next Industrial Revolution, which is characterized by a range of new technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies and industries, and even challenging ideas about what it means to be financial independent.

Finance is one of the leading industrial areas of such a revolution, and one of the major catalysts for this change is going to be artificial intelligence.

AI in financial could organize customers and help advisors plans better. AI can also provide Financial professionals, advisors and experts with literally all the information they need in order to make a good recommendation.

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About US

Rainier Deep Thinking

We are a group of experienced financial entrepreneurs who formed a team of financial experts, multi-discipline areas. Specializes in helping educate people and ensure they have the right solution to protect and cover their future lifestyle and legacy. Our vision is to make our world a better place to live.
Backed with Academia professors with proven records, who bring their vast knowledge and experience in financial, computer science and statistics.
We are excited to have this opportunity to help other with a peace of mind and improve their lifestyle.

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How everyone can get the most out of an expert interactions and online consultations

What if you had a financial navigator that could guide you the same way you drive your car. Assist plan it right, alert when needed, and find a better route. A solution that will give you a more delightful experience and results. AI will be based on personal financial history and financial knowledge.  New experience will allow users to interact with the RainierAI to identify which solution is suitable for their current condition and offer an appropriate course of action.

More money, More time, Better quality of life